FAQ's About Fire Resistant Glass

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FAQ’s About Pyro Glass - Fire Resistant Glass

How do I know the type of fire resistant glass I need?

Your Architect or Specifer will advise you or Building Control will stipulate what you need to comply with in the Building Regulations.
Advise us of the specification as follows and we will advise of a suitable glass for your requirements:
a. Integrity only - 30 minutes or 60 minutes
b. Integrity plus Insulation - 30 minutes or 60 minutes
Example: 60 minutes Integrity plus 30 Minutes Insulation.

Can it be clear?

Wired was the traditional fire resistant glass but the latest fire resistant glasses are clear.

Are there different types for glazing internally & externally?

Wired is for internal or external use; specify if it is to comply with EN12600. Most types of clear have an internal and external grade apart from 7mm & 11mm Pyroguard and some modified toughened glasses.

Do I need special frames?

Yes, the frame must be constructed from the correct material to give the fire rating required.

Do I need special glazing materials and glazing methods?

Yes, Intumescent, compounds, strips or sealants are needed depending on the type of glass and the rating.

Do I need special glazing materials and glazing methods?

Yes, we have manufacturers' reports available on request.
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