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Mirror Adhesive

  • Mirror Adhesive

Cures faster, so you don’t need mechanical fixings.

You can use this market-leading adhesive to secure mirrors to vertical, non-porous surfaces like painted plaster or wood, ceramic tiles and glass. Capable of supporting 6mm thick mirrors up to 1M² without the need for mechanical fixings. Because it cures faster, you don’t need to use mechanical fixings to support the mirror. And any temporary support can often be removed within 24 hours. So it helps you save a little extra time and money on the job.

Not just mirrors, you can bond your splashbacks too.

With its excellent bond strength, mirror adhesive is ideal for bonding splashbacks and paint glass in kitchens, although compatibility tests with substrates are recommended prior to use. Solvent-free and works with backing paint.

Our special solvent-free formulation has been thoroughly tested to work with all known mirror backing paints.

Can accommodate small surface irregularities.

Once it’s cured, this adhesive forms a flexible rubber which can accommodate small surface irregularities.


Mirror Adhesive


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